We value parent and guardian engagement in their child's education. We believe the partnership between home, parish and school is vital to a student's success. We believe that good schools become better schools when there is a strong connection with the parent community. This can be achieved through volunteering through our Catholic School Council or Durham Catholic Parent Involvement Committee.


Check us out 

Catholic schools are different. Find your local Catholic school and learn more about our admission requirements. We welcome you to register your child for school by completing an online application.

Our diverse student community is also attracting international students from around the world who are studying English in our schools. 

Safe and Accepting schools 

We are committed to fostering a positive and welcoming school climate at our Durham Catholic Virtual Elementary and Secondary Schools. Our staff are actively promoting positive mental health and well-being with students. 

Report It 

Whether it's a student absence or a concern/ incident of bullying - you can report it. Open lines of communication between you and your child's school will ensure we are addressing any concerns and providing students with supports. 

News and Events 

Be informed on what's happening at our Durham Catholic Virtual Elementary and Secondary schools. Subscribe to our news webpage to receive the latest updates and events:

Ontario College of Teachers - How We Support Students

Parents and guardians can learn more about how the Ontario College of Teachers are supporting students. Click here to access the brochure.