The guidance department is responsible for providing a caring, compassionate environment that is inviting to everyone. As guidance counsellors/educators our role has been organized into three distinct areas: student development, interpersonal development and career development as it relates to pathway planning. We are equipped to provide on-going academic, social/emotional and pathway planning to the students of Durham Catholic Virtual Secondary School. We wish our students success in our unique virtual environment, and encourage them to take an active role as vibrant, positive members of our school community and as life-long learners.

Meet our team

Our Guidance team is here to help you navigate your pathways. Our office is open:

Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Call us at 905-571-9720

We are available through: Edsby email, phone or zoom. Our staff are answering Edsby messages throughout the day.
Specific appointment times can be booked.




Supporting Students with last name


Shelley Knapp

Administrative Assistant



Alison Serrao

Curriculum Chair/Counsellor



Glen Dennis




Michael Dion




Marie Van Heukelom

Co-op Teacher



Rochelle Black

Student Success




How can we help

The Guidance Department provides a friendly, non-judgmental and confidential environment to support students in a variety of ways:

  • Academic Counselling
    • course selection
    • extra help
    • problems with courses and other academic issues
  • Career Counselling
    • career awareness
    • prerequisite checks and post-secondary pathways planning
    • scholarship support
  • Personal Counselling
    • decision making, problem solving, conflict resolution, coping with stress, and time management
    • personal and crisis counselling
    • referral to student services (child/youth counselling or social work) and community resources


General Information

We have created grade level Edsby groups where information is posted regularly.

We have also created University and College Edsby groups for our Grades 11 and 12 students. Please check them for links to the post-secondary applications, virtual fairs etc.

Important Dates

Students and families should be aware of the following important dates and deadlines:

  • January 15 - University Applications due
  • February 1 - College Applications due
  • Early February - Course selection